Animal Coloring Game

Color by Numbers - Animals

A fascinating coloring game that will leave no child indifferent. On its pages boys and girls will encounter adorable lambs in meadow, a smiling octopus, an amusing dog, and a brooding lion.

The jolly and funny animals seem impatient for you to paint them with your favorite colors.

Selecting a difficult coloring mode will make coloring by number even more exciting. In this mode, the outlines of animals are barely discernible, leaving you guessing as to which particular animal you are coloring. It also offers an easy and quick way for the little artists to memorize their numbers.

Bouncy background music and visual effects make the coloring process ever more interesting and enjoyable. Your child will be delighted.

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“Color by Numbers is an coloring activity that can no only be fun but teach number recognition as well. The interface is pretty and functions very well.”

“Children will develop computer skills, color names, learn numbers and build creativity while having fun. With everything going tech, children's products are no different, and this is a great program to use with your children while creating fun, quality family time with them. Colors by Numbers is one of the more creative products that I have been able to review in some time.”

“What I really liked was the fact that if a wrong colour was chosen the paint tube of the correct number/ colour would jump until you chose it. It was very easy to use and user friendly.”

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