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Color it by numbers makes learning numbers easy and fun for girls of all ages. Children love to color and they love to use computers. With color it by numbers, little girls learn numbers while they are coloring beautiful flowers on the computer.

Play is a huge part of the life of any small child. By playing, children perceive the world around them. Games help to draw children's attention to objects that would usually be uninteresting or hard to concentrate on. But a child's need to play can be put to the service of learning too! Generally, the hardest subject for preschool-age children is math.

Our coloring books are made to be interesting for everyone from the very youngest to older children. There are two color-by-numbers modes in the program: easy and expert, as well as a mode for coloring without numbers. Each of these modes is fun in its own way.

Color by Numbers – Animals is an exciting coloring game application that allows your children to get creative with many coloring templates, an ability to pick custom colors and combine numbers and colors to ultimately create colorful images of animals, birds and sea-dwellers in their natural habitats.

Color by numbers with vehicles is a coloring book that is readily available for download and something that little boys will find particularly fascinating. The coloring book provides illustrations of a variety of vehicles including race cars, aircrafts, submarines, trains, buses and more, and offers the capability to paint the vast variety of machines any way you like.

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