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Easy and expert color-by-number modes

Our coloring books are made to be interesting for everyone from the very youngest to older children. There are two color-by-numbers modes in the program: easy and expert, as well as a mode for coloring without numbers. Each of these modes is fun in its own way.

In easy mode, the pictures are easy to recognize – this makes the drawing process easier for children. For example, your children can easily distinguish in a scene between the sky, cloud and trees, and after guessing which color they are, he or she selects the necessary tube and memorizes the number. So the process of color selection happens intuitively.

Easy Color by Number
Easy Coloring Pages for Kids

Expert mode has slightly older children in mind. In this mode, the picture is divided into a large number of small parts. It's harder to figure out what is depicted: this makes coloring more of a game. Children want to find out what will be in the final picture! But to color it, they need to know their numbers to select the right color.

Hard Coloring Pages for Older Kids
Hard Color by Number Coloring Pages

When your child is tired of coloring by numbers, it is easy to switch from coloring by numbers to normal coloring. Combined with the color selection function, coloring becomes a real pleasure!

Coloring Game for Kids

As you can see, our drawings are made for children of practically all ages. And depending on the coloring mode, they're interesting to every child.

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