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Printable Coloring Pages (Subscription):

  • You can print as many coloring pages as you want.
  • You will receive access to 300 printable pages.
  • You will be able to print every picture in portrait or album orientation.
  • Before printing, you can change the preset colors.
  • When printing in PDF, you will get the ideal print quality.

Online Coloring Games (Subscription):

  • You will gain access to 300 pages for coloring online.

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Delivery Options

Right after you purchase, you will receive an email with a Registration Key in it. A Registration Key is a code which looks like 1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234. If you enter this into the free demo, it will turn into the registered version.

If you bought a subscription, it will be activated after the registration key is entered into your account. When the subscription expires, we won’t extend it automatically. If you want to extend it, you will have to buy the subscription again.

“My over all reaction to this program, is very positive. Would I pay $9.99 per color book, yes, I would have to say that I would. It does promote number recognition, and hours of fun, along with mouse coordination as well as creativity.”

“Overall I have to say I give it 5 stars. It's an awesome program and the price isn't too bad either!”

“I have to say the strongest reason to use this program would have to be that it not only teaches numbers, but it is also great at teaching computer skills.”

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