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Animal Coloring Game

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Color by Numbers - Animals

A fascinating coloring game that will leave no child indifferent. On its pages boys and girls will encounter adorable lambs in meadow, a smiling octopus, an amusing dog, and a brooding lion.

The jolly and funny animals seem impatient for you to paint them with your favorite colors.

Selecting a difficult coloring mode will make coloring by number even more exciting. In this mode, the outlines of animals are barely discernible, leaving you guessing as to which particular animal you are coloring. It also offers an easy and quick way for the little artists to memorize their numbers.

Bouncy background music and visual effects make the coloring process ever more interesting and enjoyable. Your child will be delighted.


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  • Teaching children simple arithmetic. Addition and subtraction
  • Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms
  • Coloring by letters
  • Very simple program interface that any child can master
  • Easy-to-use palette that allows you to put together your own unique set of colors
  • Colored pictures automatically saved on closing the program

“My over all reaction to this program, is very positive. Would I pay $9.99 per color book, yes, I would have to say that I would. It does promote number recognition, and hours of fun, along with mouse coordination as well as creativity.”

“Color It By Numbers is great for any preschool age child who is learning either their numbers or colors. It is also great for older children who enjoy the creative aspect of choosing their own colors and using their imagination.”

“I think the simple color by number would be fun for preschoolers to practice number recognition and colors. A good way to integrate beginning technology for little ones!”

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