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Want to get a free license for one of our coloring games? First, download the free demo version for your kids. If you are a webmaster, blogger or Internet columnist, write a review of our coloring game and publish it on your own website, blog or column and will we send you a license key free of charge. If you are not, write a review and publish it on 5 public forums or communities to get a key.

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Review requirements:

To get a free license, you have to write a review about our coloring games and express your opinion, either positive or negative. The review must contain a link to our site. Copying texts from our site or other sites is unacceptable. You can use images from this gallery or this page in your review.

Once you’ve done with the review, use the contact form to send us a link to the review and the name of the coloring game you want to get for it.

We will send you one license for each 5 forum or community reviews that you publish.

If you have several blogs and you publish your review on each of them or write reviews for each coloring game, we will send you one license for each review.

If we really like your review, we will send you the keys for all our coloring games :)

Please note: We will not grant you a license in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam, or if your blog is just a spam blog or is not active.

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