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Christmas Coloring Game

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Color by Numbers - Christmas

Christmas is the most important holiday for most kids all over the world. With huge excitement, boys and girls decorate the Christmas tree, make sweets, deck out the house and look forward to their presents. These coloring pages depict your favorite Christmas characters and the main symbols of the festive season. The coloring process gives every kid the feeling of the Christmas holidays drawing near.


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Santa Claus Coloring Game
Christmas House Coloring Game
Christmas Bells Coloring Game
Christmas Fireplace Coloring Game
Christmas Gifts Coloring Game
Christmas Stocking Coloring Game
Christmas Tree Coloring Game
Christmas Wreath Coloring Game
Flying Reindeer Coloring Game
  • Teaching children simple arithmetic. Addition and subtraction
  • Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms
  • Coloring by letters
  • Very simple program interface that any child can master
  • Easy-to-use palette that allows you to put together your own unique set of colors
  • Colored pictures automatically saved on closing the program

“Color by Numbers is an coloring activity that can no only be fun but teach number recognition as well. The interface is pretty and functions very well.”

“I have to say the strongest reason to use this program would have to be that it not only teaches numbers, but it is also great at teaching computer skills.”

“Color It By Numbers is great for any preschool age child who is learning either their numbers or colors. It is also great for older children who enjoy the creative aspect of choosing their own colors and using their imagination.”

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