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Animals Coloring Game for Kids

Animals Coloring Game

Coloring games have been traditionally used for helping children associate shapes, letters, numbers and colors. Kids tend to like the control they have over the image and can spend hours matching numbers with specific colors and filling blank areas on the screen. If you would like to restrict your children’s access to violent or obviously useless games and offer them an entertaining and at the same time educating alternative, you should definitely check out the Color by Numbers line of products and start your familiarization with this type of software with Color by Numbers – Animals.

Animals Game for Kids

Color by Numbers – Animals is an exciting coloring game application that allows your children to get creative with many coloring templates, an ability to pick custom colors and combine numbers and colors to ultimately create colorful images of animals, birds and sea-dwellers in their natural habitats. The animals featured in this game include an Alpine cow, a colorful parrot and a chameleon, a funny octopus, a crab, a pelican, an adorable puppy, a huge elephant and, of course, the king of all animals – an African lion.

Cow Coloring Page
Toucan Coloring Page
Chameleon Coloring Page
Octopus Coloring Page
Crab Coloring Page
Pelican Coloring Page
Dog Coloring Page
Elephant Coloring Page
Lion Coloring Page

The program has a great-looking, vivid and intuitive interface that will help its little users start playing right away after starting the game. The process is very simple – just select a brush with a specific number on the left-hand side and use it to paint the areas with the same number. If necessary, you can change the filling color of the currently selected brush by clicking the spectrum icon at the top of the screen and selecting the necessary color. When selected, this color will be automatically applied to all the painted areas the currently selected brush was applied to.

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