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Cars Coloring Game for Boys

Cars Coloring Game

Color by numbers with vehicles is a coloring book that is readily available for download and something that little boys will find particularly fascinating. The coloring book provides illustrations of a variety of vehicles including race cars, aircrafts, submarines, trains, buses and more, and offers the capability to paint the vast variety of machines any way you like.

Cars Coloring - Ship
Cars Coloring - Aircraft
Coloring Game - Car
Coloring Game - Train
Cars Coloring - Scooter
Colouring game - Submarine
Color by Numbers - Jeep
Color by Numbers - Race Car
Color by Numbers - Truck

Color by numbers with vehicles provides three distinct coloring methods which include coloring the simple illustrations as prompted by numbers to discover the artist within you, coloring the picture according to instructions so you can see the entire image appear before your eyes, or coloring the illustrations in your favorite colors without the prompts to set your imagination free.

Cars Games for Kids

The preset colors are easy to change and customize and the illustrations are designed to work cross-platform which includes Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Color by numbers with vehicles is also enhanced with music and sound and is available in a multi-language format. The coloring book allows your child to quickly learn new numbers and colors while they also gain additional computer skills which turns coloring into a useful and functional pastime.

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